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With years of expertise dealing with business clients, we can help you develop risk management strategies, and group plans that fit the needs for the long term growth and development of your business.

I really appreciate you taking the time to review all the information and assisting me in making an informed decision. Your care and concern for people is evident and I am so grateful that our paths have connected.

Lori - Client

Group Benefits

Whether your company is a start-up with few employees or large and well-established, you can offer attractive group benefit packages to your employees with access to a range of coverage, including life insurance, health, dental, and more.

Group Pensions

Pension plans are a great way to help attract and retain employees, and there are more options and plan types now than ever before. Let us help you understand which option is best suited for your business and your employees.

Healthcare Spending Accounts

We can design a HCSA program to meet the needs of your employees and complement your current group benefits program — all the while being able to control the cost outlay to the business. Your employees use the funds for whatever eligible expenses are important to them.

Partnership Buy/Sell Protection

A buy/sell agreement insurance strategy determines what will happen to the shares of a business owned by a partner who passes away. It may mandate that the shares revert to a spouse or child, or it may require that the remaining partners buy the newly available shares. To ensure that capital is available to support a buyout, often partners will invest in a life insurance strategy.

Key Person Protection

We can design a strategy to protect you in your business partnerships, for example, with insurance contracts to compensate for losses arising from the death or extended incapacity of an important member of the business.

Long Term-Disability partner buy-out protection

Buy/sell disability insurance policies can be used to provide funds to one or more business owners to purchase the shares of the disabled partner or shareholder. A disability buy/sell insurance policy provides the funds used to complete the buy-out, while ensuring a fair price to the disabled shareholder or partner.

Succession Strategy

Planning for the succession of your business can be very complicated. We work to educate and assist business owners on how to successfully accomplish the transition process in a tax-effective way.

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